What is Lifestyle Architecture?

What is Lifestyle Architecture?

The process of designing, building, and creating the Lifestyle you desire.  I choose the word process because it’s a series of repeatable steps that anyone can do. You can design the life you want and then make it happen.  Architecture is often referred to and defined as:

ar·chi·tec·ture  ˈärkəˌtek(t)SHər/  noun: architecture

the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.
synonyms:building design, building style, planningbuildingconstruction
However another often overlooked definition is “the complex or carefully designed structure of something”.  This is how I view and perceived architecture as the careful design & structure of anything.  For example system architecture in hardware or software technology companies, or maybe the chemical architecture of a pharmaceutical product.

Lifestyle Architecture- A decision to design, build, create, and develop a life you are passionate about and desire.  Lifestyle Architecture is a simple decision to utilize design principles applied in the development of everything. From buildings and bridges to companies and consumer products.  Everything we utilize starts with a design, a design that’s influenced by experiences and a vision or goals. The design process starts with a vision or an inspiration, it’s the guiding force in the creation of everything you use and interact with on a daily basis.

Inspiration, the internal motivator that fuels one with direction or focus and path to purse.  Things that you enjoy or moments that are important to you create a unique memorable experience. The collection of these experiences are the fabric  of your life. The ability to control and dictate how your life is impacted or directed by these collection of these moments is often overlooked and rarely analyzed.

Many people have a life plan or a series of things they want to accomplish.  Often fuel by society around us or the expectations of those around you. Parents and siblings or maybe a spouse or partner often children and family obligations will direct your life plan.  However how often do you feel 100% in control of your life plan?  Are there experiences, events, trips, things you wished to learn that you haven’t accomplished?  Has “Life” gotten in the way of you pursuing a passion or a dream that inspires you?

It’s easy to answer Yes to that question.  I have devoted and focused my attention on Lifestyle Architecture and I still have things I haven’t been able to prioritize and accomplish.  It’s why we use the term bucketlist, do you have a bucketlist?  Have you taken the time to list out 50 experiences you would like to have in your life?  Have you stopped to take the time to put some thought into them, are they a priority for you?

Often we find that other priorities get the focus and attention, and as important as they may be don’t over look the experiences that you find inspirational and exciting. Integrate them into your life.  Not as items on a bucketlist you’ll accomplish later in life but rather as events that you design into your daily life. Why can’t you design the experiences and events that you’re passionate about and inspired by directly into your daily life?  Why shouldn’t you design the lifestyle that you desire?

YOU SHOULD, YOU CAN, & I plan to share with you how you can accomplish that.  I’ve been designing my life for years and because of that focus I’ve been fortunate to visit over 50 countries, start and build businesses, be a professional model, the youngest African American franchisor.  I’ve also ran a homeless shelter, volunteered on over a dozen boards, become a speaker and author while also helping thousands of college students achieve their dream of a college education.   Lifestyle Architecture is the key behind my ability to experience and accomplish more than individuals more then twice my age.   It’s also the tool you will use to gain a new perspective on your life and start your journey to Live Retired Now!