Social Lifestyle Reflection

In the not so distant past television shows like The lifestyles of the rich and famous or MTV cribs gave many a glimpse into the lifestyle they could only dream about but most likely would never attain.  The ability to attain a level of lifestyle that you could only experience on a thirty minute television program could fade away quickly allowing someone to get back to the reality of their life. However with the introduction of the internet into our daily lives the ability to see and experience other lifestyles grew dramatically.  This would be experienced most with the growth and popularity of Social Media websites and apps. The explosion of social media has given more and more people the ability to show and share their lifestyle from the rich kids of instagram or a group of friends Snapchat account.  Lifestyle and the images of the lifestyles of those around us is becoming more prevalent.  Today more people are aware of the lifestyle they are living and the lifestyles of their peers and or those who they follow for information, inspiration, or out of curiosity. I call this awareness Social Lifestyle Reflection.  Social Lifestyle Reflection is being aware of the images and content you consume and using it to foster growth or development of your personal goals and objectives. 

When you stop to look at your lifestyle and compare it with those around you what do you find?

  1. Are you living the lifestyle you truly desire?
  2. What is stopping you from living the lifestyle you want?
  3. What is your lifestyle?
  4. How do you change your lifestyle?
  5. What is Lifestyle?

With the explosion of social media and more people actively sharing what they do each day. The ability to watch and experience a glimpse of the major moments in those you choose to follows lives is a chance to have unique and rare access into the personal lives of others.  Seeing and experiencing the inspirational or amazing events, or simply outrageous details and memorable moments of other people’s lives with such ease and frequency is changing how we perceive our own lives. It can make you begin to analyze and think about your personal life and how you may or maynot be pursuing passions, living out your dreams, or simply enjoying each day of your life.  Maybe it’s the pursuit or desire of a certain relationship, or possibly having the career that makes you feel empowered, or the drive to get into the healthiest and best shape of your life. These elements are the foundations of Lifestyle Architecture. I often find myself doing social lifestyle reflection as it’s easy to be influenced by the images we see. I often wonder, can I do more, experience more, help more people, build better companies?  With the images & content I choose to consume I ponder what is stopping me from having and experiencing more?

The five Social Lifestyle Reflection questions above are designed to resonate with you and force you to have a moment of introspection to determine if your on a path that is best suited for you.  Use the inspiration of social media and the Social Lifestyle Reflection questions above to push yourself into determining what the lifestyle you want to live is. Lifestyle is something you control from the people to keep around you to the job you have and the food you eat daily.  If you aren’t happy with the lifestyle you have that’s great because you recognize and realize you desire more. That realization is going to be the catalyst for you to gain more from each day. The catalyst for you to alter and eventually change or create the lifestyle you want and desire.  

Use social media and follow those you admire, follow the images or videos they upload and use that to expand your horizons of what is actually possible.  I’m writing this right now from the beach, I was at the office today working and decided it’s a gorgeous day outside and I should enjoy it. I wanted a more inspirational environment so I left the office and went to the beach to work. The freedom to make that choice is an important part of my lifestyle.  I have designed my lifestyle around freedom and flexibility because I know that without it my creativity and productivity will be stifled. You must determine what you want your lifestyle to become and then develop an action plan to get there. You have the ability and power to create the lifestyle you desire but before you are ready for that you must determine what are the values and principles that resonate with you.  What drives you and motivates you, what do you find joy or happiness in? These are keys to unlocking what your passions are and what will propel you to make the decision to define and control your lifestyle.

Remember that lifestyle is ever changing and evolving, as your experiences broaden and grow your lifestyle will change and grow as well.  Use www.LiveRetiredNow.com and my principles of Lifestyle Architecture to help you forge a foundation towards getting what you want and deserve out of life. Everyday you are given another day to enjoy and fulfill what you derive and believe is your destiny.  Take a step towards your destiny as you define it each day so you will be able to say with confidence that you #LiveRetiredNow